10 Most Popular Machine Learning GitHub Repositories.

Check out the list of 10 Most Popular Machine Learning GitHub Repositories From 2018. These repositories can help you learn Machine Learning in a better and easy way. Link of each repository is also given.



BERT or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is an all-new method of pre-training language representations. It is the first unsupervised, deeply bidirectional system for pre-training natural language processing (NLP) and obtains new state-of-the-art results on eleven NLP tasks. This repository contains TensorFlow code and pre-trained models for BERT.

2| DeepCreamPy


DeepCreamPy is an in-depth learning based tool that is used to replace censored artwork in hentai with probable reconstructions automatically. The features contain are higher quality decensoring images of any size and shape, mosaic decensor support and user interface (WIP).

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3| Horizon


This is an open source end-to-end platform for Applied Reinforcement Learning (Applied RL), built in Python that uses PyTorch for modelling and training as well as Caffe2 for model serving. It is mainly used in Facebook and algorithms like Soft Actor-Critic (SAC), DDPG, DQN are supported here.

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Pronounced as truffle, this is a library built on top of TensorFlow and is useful for building blocks for writing reinforcement learning (RL) agents in both CPU and GPU versions of TensorFlow.

5| DeOldify


DeOldify by Jason Antic, the name says it all. It is an in-depth learning based project that is used to colourise and to restore the old black and white images into a colourful one.


6| AdaNet


It is a lightweight TensorFlow based network and builds on AutoML efforts that are used for automatically learning high-quality models with the least expert interference. The goals concerned in this project are easy usability, flexibility, speed and guarantee of learning.

7| Graph Nets

Graph Net

The working of Graph Nets is that it takes graph as input and returns graph as output. It also validates the deep learning architecture for learning and understanding the rules, relations and entities in a chart. Google-owned and London-headquartered DeepMind opened the graph nets library in October. You can install and use it in the TensorFlow.

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8| The MAME RL Algorithm Training Toolkit


This Python Library is used on almost any arcade games to train a reinforcement learning algorithm. Based on the Linux operating system with version 3.6+, it allows your algorithm to step through gameplay while receiving and sending actions to interact with the game.

9| PocketFlow



PocketFlow is an open-source framework for compressing and accelerating deep learning models with minimal human effort.  The primary goal is to provide a smooth and usable toolkit to improve efficiency for developers with minimal degradation of performance.

10| Maskrcnn-Benchmark (Faster R-CNN and Mask R-CNN in PyTorch 1.0)


Released under MIT license, this project mainly uses PyTorch 1.0 and aims at bestowing the necessary building blocks for creating detection and segmentation models without any difficulty.