Spider-man: Far From Home Trailer Breakdown And Easter Eggs

Sony pictures entertainment released the official teaser trailer of Spider-man: Far From Home on their YouTube channel on 15 January and it is an absolute beast. The Marvel Cinematic Universe starring Tom Holland in the role of Peter Parker, finally shows the friendly neighbourhood superhero swinging the way we missed in Homecoming.

While the teaser trailer is currently trending on YouTube and has garnered more than 26 million views and 996 k likes, it has also left the fans speculating about various scenes the trailer showed a glimpse of. There are over 97k comments on YouTube alone, all asking questions and wondering about various aspects of the movie. It has sparked many discussions on all social media platforms and even talks shows.

The Timeline

While we had watched Peter Parker turning into ashes in Avengers: Infinity War with moisture filling up our eyes, some fans believe that since Spider-man is back, all is well or at least it will be in the upcoming movie Avengers: End Game.

infinity war

But the question that prevails here is do we really know when this is happening. As told in some of the comments, this might be happening in the time period between Spider-man: Far From Home and Avengers: Infinity War. But retaliation has been seen against this statement with claims that Marvel themselves have said that this happens after Avengers: End Game.

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Years in the Passport! 


Marvel has managed to remain silent on this one. This is clear by the fact that the passport shown in the trailer doesn’t give us any details of the year. Yes, the years are missing in the passport which means Marvel has again managed to walk away from spoilers.

Avengers tower!! 

avengers tower

Another aspect the trailer showed was the Avengers tower being renovated. Tony Star had sold the tower in Spider-man: Homecoming. Though who it was sold to is a mystery, some theories state that the new owner is Norman Osborn who will redesign it as Oscorp while some have theories that it might become the Baxter building. Those who don’t know the Baxter building, it is the place where the Fantastic Four lives 🙂

oscorp v baxter

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Uncle Ben reference 


While there has been no mention of Uncle Ben in the first edition of the series, we get to see a suitcase engraved with the letters BFP which we can assume are Benjamin Parker’s initials as Benjamin Franklin Parker.

Nick Fury is back

nick fury

The trailer shows us that Peter was all set to leave his suit behind to join his friends Ned, MJ and the rest of his gang for a European vacation when Nick Fury ruins his plan with a mission for him to stop the elementals.

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The elementals or… 


We can see him begrudgingly agreeing to help uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks. So we can derive from this that the elementals will appear in this chapter. What we do not know is if they are just monstrous versions of Hydro-man, Sandman and Molten man or if they are MCU’s version of the elementals which include Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum and Zephyr. There is also a possibility that they could be a combination of both.

the elementals

Finally The Mysterio 😍


One of the most important aspects we saw in the trailer is the appearance of Mysterio which is played by Jake Gyllanhal. The best thing is watching him in his classic fish bowl. While Mysterio, who has powers of illusion is actually one of the major adversaries of Spider-man in the comics. We can see him helping out Spider-man in the trailer. This could mean that Mysterio might have his own inner plan or maybe he will have a character change through some plot point.


The Romance… 

We also see Aunt May and Tony Stark’s right hand guy, Happy Hogan bonding with each other, and a probable romance between them.

happy and may

happy and may 2

Peter and Michelle are also shown hanging with each other while Peter admitting to like her.

peter mj

Tony’s Future

tony's future

Hogan’s statement “you are all alone” has certainly caught the attention of the fans. Tony Stark has always been looking out for Spider-man, so the question does this mean something happened to Mr. stark continues to linger as a fear especially since we already saw him in not-a-good-condition in the trailer of Avengers: End Game.


The movie will be releasing on July 5, this year in 3D and IMAX.

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