5 DataScience Projects for Beginners in Python

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Datascience is one of the most demanded technology in the future. It can be overwhelming for budding data scientists to realize the scope of difficulty involved in a datascience project. But it’s necessary for young data scientists as well as python developers who are beginning to dive in data science to test their data analysis fundamentals. So, today we are going to list some beginner datascience python projects.

1. Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Data Analysis

In a world that revolves around social media, Sentiment Analysis is a great tool and a very friendly data science project for beginners. The range of emotions we humans go through such as happy, sad, anger, anxiety, love, and so on are reflected through various images, sentences, and even videos on social media or any online presence. Through  Sentiment Analysis, we can analyze these emotions and this information can be really useful for data-driven operations that involve emotions. Here’s an example you can look for Sentiment Analysis in Python.

2. Speech Emotion Recognition

Python Speech Recognition

Human Speech plays an important role in expressing emotions and motives. SER (Speech Emotion Recognition) is a wonderful data science project to show your data science skills. It’s a useful tool to analyze human emotions and their states. It also involves Librosa library which is useful for analyzing audio. Here’s an example of Speech Emotion Recognition in Python.


3. Gender and Age Detection

Face Detection Datascience

You may have encountered this tool various times while using your camera or Snapchat filter. As the name suggests, this data science tool is used to predict your gender and age. You can either analyze an image or live video to detect depending upon the scope of the project. Here’s an example of Gender and Age Detection using OpenCV in Python.

4. Credit Card Fraud Detection

Credit Card Fraud Data Analysis Datascience

With the advent of the digital age, cyber frauds have also increased significantly. Credit card fraud activities can have an adverse effect on the credit card companies as it questions their policies on cybersecurity. That is why the credit card fraud detection tool is a very important data science project which ensures that the customers don’t fall victim to these fraudulent activities. Here’s an example of Credit Card Fraud Detection in Python.

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5. Recommendation System

python recommendation system datascience

You already have encountered this tool in your daily life from Netflix movie recommendation to Flipkart’s Recommendation of goods. All these work under the same Data Science Project– Recommendation System.  This tool analyzes the preferences of the user and gives recommendations based on the knowledge using the model. Here’s an example of a Recommendation System in Python.



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