5 Integrations for Powerful Automation Testing!

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We know that we have made crucial and noteworthy investments of both time and money in the tools that we are utilizing today. This is the only reason due to which we’ve intended to combine with almost any tool out there that is being used in life.

We have also made possible to maximize all those crucial investments with our testing integration abilities. Testing Whiz permits us to properly manage better and higher connections across the technical design of our application and extend the automation boundaries to higher levels.

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While seeking the most effective and best testing management platforms, a tool that gives us integration driving check automation tools helps you correct and run tests on every day and regular cycle and also change or automate the entire process of managing tests, which can considerably reduce the effective time & efforts. It also tests if they smoothly and perfectly hook with Continuous Integration (CI) tools to modify the build release cycles and deployment automation.

Let’s take a view at some of the best interesting integration that is available to provide powerful automation experience to test engineers. Some of them are listed below:

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1. Continuous Integration & Test Automation

Continuous Integration & Test Automation

Integration gadgets like Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo and many more are there which help us to stimulate automation of build deployment & testing on a continuous basis, quickening your regression and agile release cycles. With a combination of these CI tools, our Test Automation tool decreases complexity and can recognize bugs easily and in a very effective way. Automation in the continuous integration cycle guarantees you maximum coverage and performance while lowering the risks and vulnerabilities of human errors.

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2. Test Case Management System

Test Case Management System

This tool allows you to explore and execute your test activities properly and enable you to manage good and better reports and insights to optimize the testing process. We consolidate with Test Case Management System which involves Quality Center (QC) & TestRail, And with the help of these tools, we are offered multiple test information which helps in improvement of application that includes handling of bugs, test progress, project tasks, etc. it also assures high-level cooperation throughout the automation process.

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3. Automated Defect Creation in Bug/Defect Tracking Tools


“Better the bug finding tool, better is the quality of product that”. Integration for these bug finding tools report bugs as and when they are anticipated during the testing process. All these reports help to recognize, track and fix bugs according to the issues to keep up with the product development process and regression testing cycles, some of the popular integrations are Mantis, Jira, and FogBugz.

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4. Database Integrations

Database Integrations

Database Integration sanction you to test database properly, form controls & their arrangement and ensure that you validate the entire application from the core and workflow and not just the front-end. Integration with multiple databases helps you monitor data integrity and can even assign a database to load test data during database test automation. We integrate with these databases that include: MS SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle, Teradata Beta, Hadoop Beta, IBM DB2 and PostgreSQL.

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5. Cloud-Based Executions

Cloud-Based Executions

Management to test the environments and functionality can be really cost-effective and time-consuming. These cloud-based environments can be like BrowserStack and SauceLabs which offers you automated browser testing. So that testing can be done easily, in a proper manner in operating systems and browsers.

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