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A computer network is a collection of computing devices such as computers, laptops, or mobile devices that communicate by exchanging data over a wired or wireless medium. In a networked environment, you can share data and applications and services with other us on the network. In addition, devices such as modems, printers, Universal Serial Bus (USB) drives, and CD-ROMs can also be shared among the users on a network.

A common example of networking in organizations is where several employee computers share a printer or a scanner.

To create a network, you require:

  1. At least two computing devices.
  2. Network Interface Cards (NICs) in each connected device.
  3. A network medium, either wired or wireless.
  4. A network operațing system, such as Windows, Linux, or Novell.

Networks are broadly classified into two categories.

  1. Peer-to-Peer
  2. Client-Server


1. Peer-to-Peer

In a peer-to-peer network, all the computers in a network are responsible for communication and data sharing. Small LANs used in homes, schools, and small businesses are examples of peer-to-peer networks. All the computers included in a peer-to-peer network have the same associated applications and networking protocols.

Peer to Peer

Consider an example. Artz University, a media training institute, has five computers in its media lab. Each of these computers is used for specific functions such as 3D modeling, 3D rendering, audio editing, video editing, and integration. In this scenario, all these computers in the lab can be connected over a peer-to-peer network.

Advantages of Peer-to-Peer Networks

Advantages of a peer-to-peer network are that it is easy to install and configure. Just like the lab network in Artz University, all peers in a network can share all the resources and content. In addition, the failure of one peer does not affect the functioning of other peers.

In a peer-to-peer network, every user is the administrator of his or her computer and users can control their shared resources. As a result, a full-time system administrator is not required.

Disadvantages of Peer-to-Peer Networks

DIsadvantages of a peer-to-peer network is that data recovery or backup is extremely difficult. Therefore, each computer should have its own backup system. In addition, a peer-to-peer network is not secure. Viruses, spyware, Trojans, and malware can be easily transmitted over this type of network. Also, the entire system is decentralized and thus difficult to administer.

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2. Client/Server Architecture

In client/server architecture, all computing resources and services are provided by a computer called a server. Other computers in the network that request resources and services from the server are known as clients. The following figure displays the working of a client/server network.

Client Architecture Network

For example, PQR Corp. has an e-mail server that provides all e-mail services. There are many client computers connected to this server. To receive emails from outside the network, the clients send requests to the mail server, which sends e-mails to the clients.

Advantages of Client/Server Network

A client/server network provides the advantage of better control of resources for every device and computer connected to it. In addition, client/server architecture provides access to multiple applications and hardware devices and ensures better security for data and devices. The server in the client/server architecture acts as a data storage device.

Disadvantages of Client/Server Network

A disadvantage of a client/server network is that it is expensive and difficult to implement and maintain. In addition, if the server fails, the entire network fails.

As we know we can’t imagine our future without the technology we all are using technology every time. But we want to learn how it is being developed?
Nowadays the most popular technologies are:-
Data Science
Machine learning
Artificial Intelligence
Ethical hacking & Cyber Security
Game development
we want to learn these technologies and want to become part of this beautiful industry. But we don’t know where to start. don’t worry you came in the best place to get start your profession.
There are a lot of fields to learn about technology. Many universities that provide degrees like, BCA, IT, etc. but this takes about 3-4 years. But we can learn specific technology online and became master of it within a few months. There are many websites that provide quality courses with certification from the best teachers around the world. The courses are low prices and high detailed courses and many provide free courses. Here are the best sites from where we can start our journey to become professional in our favorite technology:-
45. .

To become professional in Photoshop and Graphics
*Photoshop and Graphics*


*Programing and Other IT Projects*

*Photoshop and Graphics*

*Programing and Other IT Projects*
16. templates

*Create a Prefessional CV Online*

*Best sites for Freelancing*


Technology is creating a replica of the human body and human intelligence so that these intelligent computers or we can call it as robots can perform a task that a human being complete. But the question is with the improving technology day by day will it be possible that these artificial robots will replace the human intelligence one day? Will it be possible that they will overpower the humans? If so then why we are creating such a technology which is a threat to us? All these questions needed to answer soon.


As every coin has two-sided AI also has its pros and cons. Human labor reduced with the help of these machines. AI can perform many tasks which they coded for which cannot be accomplished by humans or rational mind. Let us take the example of calculation of multiplication of 16,242 and 98,736. This task seems to be simple for the computers to be calculated in seconds of time while for humans it is nearly impossible to calculate it in seconds. Similarly, AI reduces the human workload up to much extent in various other fields too.
Now the question is will it be possible that AI will overpower the human intelligence. With the help of the neuroscience, scientists are trying to study the human mind structure and to create the one artificially. Though the human mind is most intelligent supercomputer ever with the memory space seems to be infinite, it is nearly impossible to develop the same intelligence. But there is one aspect that unlike the human mind, the artificial brain can replicate or copy into thousands of copies that will be the same. This will lead to overpowering the humans if these artificial robots tend to reproduce themselves and increase their force. Hence many of the scientists are against the creating of the copy of human minds. Stephan Hawking is one of them who once said that “I fear that AI may replace humans altogether.”
Another aspect is that even though if the technology will succeed in replicating the human mind, there are lots of biological elements required to bring the conscious to the robots. If these robots get aware, then there is a chance that they may try to question the humans and even worst eliminate the humans.

Also with taking lots of workload from the human being in almost all the fields like cooking, driving, catering, laundry, and especially in the factories, these robots will snatch the work opportunities from the people even though many jobs can create in making of these robots. For the time being, AI can assist the humans in the works than to entirely replace the humans as they have not developed the conscious, ability to deal with other human errors, decision making in worst cases, etc. Hence the human workers although few will require for the jobs.
Technology is destroying the human cycle; it is creating ethical and social issues throughout the world. With the increase in technology, humans will rely more and more on technology. Hence it is getting painful day by day to develop such a technique which will prove a threat to the human community. Therefore any research should be thought in mind the ethics of nature and cycle of the world; it has to be though whether it is essential or not if it is snatching bread from people, whether it is making people change their nature and become the joker in the hands of technology.

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If we want to be an Ethical Hacker, we must know some basic terms of the Ethical Hacker because we can’t grow in this field without these basic Hacking-Terminologies.

Ethical Hacking basic Terms:




Adware is malware it is just like spyware when we visit a website some websites are full of malicious codes, by this adware they spy our data. These Adwares added to Porn and Pirated websites. When we visit these websites, suddenly a popup shows us that there is a virus in your mobile to remove it click here and when we click on it Adware is installed on your device and don’t even get to know that Adware installed in our machines. These Terminologies are very important for us to get protected.


When some hackers make exploits to hack some system or inject the system in simple words when a hacker target machine to cut they use hacking Attack.


It is the method by which hackers find the vulnerability of the targeted system or to bypass the system they use their exploit and enter into the system and to access that system anytime for future they make a door that is as called as Backdoor.


Bots are the automatic program which created with scripts. Hackers send these bots on many systems and use commands to access the systems.



It is a combination of two terms Bot, and the Internet called Botnet. A botnet is an army of Hackers (Zombie army). With these Botnets, Hackers do attacks, Spams and majorly used for a DDOS attack.

Brute force attack:

Brute Force Attack
Brute force attack is simple password cracking tool. A list of the various password was created and added to that brute force software, and that software tries that passwords again and again to the system and which password match automatically login to the system.


Hacker vs Cracker
Every paid pirated software, apps are cracked and uploaded to pirated websites. They increase piracy by uploading it for free, and they add backdoors to every cracked software. With Backdoor they easily hack the systems.


Injected software including worms, Trojan horses, computer virus, Ransomware, spyware, adware, etc. All are Malware.


Phishing is of the simple and best method for attaining someone’s any account password.

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This technique to hack the system, spamming is part of this technique.


Sending bulk emails on to someone its called spam.


Spyware is software through which hacker gather the information ( Footprinting) of the targeted system. Hacker installs Spyware in the target system. This Spyware gathers the information about the targeted person in the background.

SQL injection:

SQL Injection
SQL stands for Structured Query language. SQL injection is a technique through which hacks the applications and websites. Hackers check Vulnerabilities or errors SQL database of sites; This method is easy they don’t even use any software to access the site. Hacker injects a code it hacks the websites if it is venerable.


A vulnerability is a weakness of a system. Many new software or websites have a lot of Vulnerabilities. Through these vulnerabilities, a system gets hacked easily.

You may have heard the terms White Hat and Black Hat hackers but you know there are many more hackers apart from these twos? Apart from a few well-known class hackers, we have the following categories of hackers based on what they hack and how they do it:-



Red hat hackers are the blend of both black hat and white hat hackers. They are usually on the level of Hacking government agencies, top secret information hubs and generally anything that falls under the category of sensitive information.


Red Hat


🔵Blue hat hackers

A blue hat hacker is someone outside computer security consulting firms who bug tests a system before its launch, looking for exploits to close it. Blue Hat Hacker also refers to the security professional invited by Microsoft to find vulnerabilities in Windows.

Blue Hat

🔴Elite Hackers

Elite hacker is the name used by the community with the aim of identifying those individuals who are deemed to be as experts in their line of work. These people are actually on the “cutting edge” of both the computer and network industry.

Elite Hacker


🔴Script Kiddie

Script kiddie or skiddie is an unskilled individual who uses scripts or programs developed by others to attack computer systems and networks and deface websites.

Script Kiddie



Someone who is new to Hacking or phreaking and has almost no knowledge or experience of the workings of technology and Hacking.




A hacker who use technology to announce a social, ideological, religious or political message. In general, most activism involves website defacement or denial-of-service attacks.



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Check out the list of 10 Most Popular Machine Learning GitHub Repositories From 2018. These repositories can help you learn Machine Learning in a better and easy way. Link of each repository is also given.



BERT or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is an all-new method of pre-training language representations. It is the first unsupervised, deeply bidirectional system for pre-training natural language processing (NLP) and obtains new state-of-the-art results on eleven NLP tasks. This repository contains TensorFlow code and pre-trained models for BERT.

2| DeepCreamPy


DeepCreamPy is an in-depth learning based tool that is used to replace censored artwork in hentai with probable reconstructions automatically. The features contain are higher quality decensoring images of any size and shape, mosaic decensor support and user interface (WIP).

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3| Horizon


This is an open source end-to-end platform for Applied Reinforcement Learning (Applied RL), built in Python that uses PyTorch for modelling and training as well as Caffe2 for model serving. It is mainly used in Facebook and algorithms like Soft Actor-Critic (SAC), DDPG, DQN are supported here.

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Pronounced as truffle, this is a library built on top of TensorFlow and is useful for building blocks for writing reinforcement learning (RL) agents in both CPU and GPU versions of TensorFlow.

5| DeOldify


DeOldify by Jason Antic, the name says it all. It is an in-depth learning based project that is used to colourise and to restore the old black and white images into a colourful one.


6| AdaNet


It is a lightweight TensorFlow based network and builds on AutoML efforts that are used for automatically learning high-quality models with the least expert interference. The goals concerned in this project are easy usability, flexibility, speed and guarantee of learning.

7| Graph Nets

Graph Net

The working of Graph Nets is that it takes graph as input and returns graph as output. It also validates the deep learning architecture for learning and understanding the rules, relations and entities in a chart. Google-owned and London-headquartered DeepMind opened the graph nets library in October. You can install and use it in the TensorFlow.

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8| The MAME RL Algorithm Training Toolkit


This Python Library is used on almost any arcade games to train a reinforcement learning algorithm. Based on the Linux operating system with version 3.6+, it allows your algorithm to step through gameplay while receiving and sending actions to interact with the game.

9| PocketFlow



PocketFlow is an open-source framework for compressing and accelerating deep learning models with minimal human effort.  The primary goal is to provide a smooth and usable toolkit to improve efficiency for developers with minimal degradation of performance.

10| Maskrcnn-Benchmark (Faster R-CNN and Mask R-CNN in PyTorch 1.0)


Released under MIT license, this project mainly uses PyTorch 1.0 and aims at bestowing the necessary building blocks for creating detection and segmentation models without any difficulty.

What is Linux? Why Linux is better than Windows? Every computer users always have these type of questions. Don’t worry, in today’s article, we will answer all of your questions related to Linux.

Before knowing Why Linux is better than Windows, we first need to know what is Linux?

What is Linux?

Linus Torvalds created the world’s first Linux Operating System in 1991. Just like Windows is an Operating System similarly Linux is also an Operating system. But Linux is an advanced Operating System developer or computer networking expert mainly use it, etc.
As we use Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP, networking expert uses it to ease there work.
Android is Using Linux Kernal into there Operating System, and we can also install Linux in Android.

How does Linux Operating System work?

Linux Penguin

Linux is an open source operating system, anyone can use it for free as Linux is open source, so there is a lot of distribution of it. These are also called Distro
Various Distros List:-

Linux Distribution
Ubuntu Linux
Linux Mint
Arch Linux
Kali Linux

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Importance of Linux Operating System:-

Linux Security
Most secured Operating System. If you are very serious about your data security so choose because Linux is most secured Operating System yet because it’s almost impossible that virus or Malware will enter your machine which has Linux Operating System. So, use Linux operating system blindly without any malware tension.

Windows vs Linux Operating System:-

Linux vs Windows

# Linux is an advanced Operating System used by IT companies, and the Windows Operating System is useful in office work.
# Linux is Open Source Operating System so anyone can modify or develop it and add more features in it while Windows is a private operating system owned by the Microsoft.

# With some programming skills anyone can develop new Linux Distro, But in Windows its impossible.
# Linux is free Operating System and all Software related to his O.S are free.
# The Windows is paid Operating System, and many of its software are paid.
# Software which we use in Windows, we can also use it on Linux Operating System.

Linux Tutorials

PUBG in no doubts is the most loved mobile game currently. Made by Tencent Games, this game already has more than 100 Million downloads.

In this game, we can play in two modes:-
1. Arcade mode.
2. Classic mode.
 Arcade mode:- in Arcade mode there are different missions we can play Small war and Sniper training etc.
Classic mode:- Classic mode has four types of maps. we can choose any map and start play.
four maps of PUBG
1. Erangel
2. Miramar
3. Shanhok
4. Vikendi
In Classic mode at the same time, 100 players can play the game and every mission has 30 minutes only, after 30 minutes we get chicken dinner and other medals.
The sexiest thing of this game is that we can change out graphics in the setting according to out device configuration.
Here are some Tips and Tricks for Chicken Dinners:-

1. Adjust graphics quality to highest quality possible for better results.

2. Set Gyroscope to ‘Scope On’

3. Turn on ‘Aim Assistant’ for better aiming.

4. Set size and positions of controls according to your hands.

5. Choose one of the following landing spot in Miramar for better results.

1. Hacienda del Patron

2. Pecado

3. Prison

4. Campo Militar

5. Mina Generales


6. Best place to land in Erangel.

1. Military Station

2. Prison

3. Mansion

4. Mylta Power



If you want to earn money from Google Opinion Rewards, then you are reading the right post. Along with this, today’s post will tell you that How to earn money from Google Opinion Rewards.

Hope you will love our posts. On the internet, there are a lot of applications, with the help of which you can easily earn money. By earning online today many people can earn thousands of rupees by sitting at home. Online Earning there are many apps available through which we can earn money. Today we are telling you about one such app.

But many of the applications are fraud. You do not get money even after work. The app that we are bt to tell you today is launched by Google and it will also earn you a lot. If you like to do a survey so pp will be very good for you.

So let’s know now that how to earn from Google Opinion Rewards.

What is Google Opinion?
Google Opinion Rewards

This is a quick survey application. Which has now been launched in India too? By doing this survey you can win Google Play credit. This is built by Google Survey Team. On completion of this survey, you get a reward. With this award, you can buy any app from Google PlayStore.

If you want to buy a game or any other app, this is the best way. This app will give you revenue when surveyed by some companies.


This gives you a survey from some company that you have to fill and instead, you are given some credit balance. You get credit balance from Google.

After credit balance is credited to your Google Opinion Reward Account by doing the survey, you can download any paid application from Playstore from that balance. By this credit balance only to download the app.

Google Opinion Rewards
To use the Google Opinion Award, you must download it first.

Download Google Opinion Reward – First download Google Opinion Reward from play store.
Install App – Now you can download and install it.
Open App – After installing it can be opened by opening it.

Google Opinion Rewards
Here we are telling you how it is used after downloading it.

Open App
Open the Google Playline Reward Puzzles.

Select your Gmail Account
As soon as you open it, you have to select your Gmail account.

Enter Your Name
Now you have to enter your First Name and Last Name in it. Enter the pin code of your area. Select Country in Country and click Continue.

Now you have to Enter your address.
then enter your City and at last State address and click Continue.

Check On Agreement
you have to click on the I Understand Agreement, then click on Continue.

Select Gender

Enter Your Age

Enter the pin code where you live.

Enter Your Yearly Income
What is your income over the year? If you are a student then select the first option. Your Google Opinion Reward Account has become. Now you can earn money through it just in some time.

Give this information about this post to your friends too and share this on social media also, share this post with Google Opinion Rewards. So that more people can access this information. If you have any problems in our post ask any questions related to this post, then you can ask us by commenting.

This article is meant for only education purpose. Phishing is completely illegal. So use this for only learning purpose.

In today’s tutorial, we will learn how scammers scam and access to access someone, not an only Facebook account but any account like Instagram, Gmail etc.
Firstly we need to know
What is Phishing and how it works?

Guys phishing is a scam in which scammers make a clone or fake login page of any website in which they want to do the access of victim account and sent it to the victim, and victim enter the login details into that clone page and that user id and password victim enter to that clone page goes to that scammer even victim not get to know that he/she had shared his login detail to scammer.

How scammers create Phishing page:-

There are various methods to create a Phishing page. To create phishing page they have Knowledge of coding, HTML, XHTML, Php script etc.
They copy the source code of the particular site and edit it according to here needs.
But nowadays, it’s gonna simple to make a Phishing page. No need to learn coding, HTML, XHTML, PHP script. Just need to make an account on site and they provide a link and they simply send that link to the victim by some social engineering after victim login scammer gets the password of victim’s account.
There are many free sites which allow us to create Phishing pages. like Z-Shadow, XonUrl, Shadowwave, and Lakamora. In these sites, there is no need for any professional skills. just register and copy the link of any social media site they want and send to the victim. It just needs a few minutes.

The most used website is because this website is user-friendly. Just register and get the link.
Some features of Z-Shadow:-

Z Shadow gives you extra features, it takes just 2 minutes ( just like Maggie) for a register.
Z Shadow link never get blocked and it is easy to use.
There are a lot of links with a different design.
It is safe to use and never track the IP address.
So this is the basic method scammers use to attack victims.
For more any new topic comment down below.

This happens much time when we are connected to WiFi password is saved but we don’t know the password or we forget. So today we will learn how to get a password of connected WiFi. To get the password of connected WiFi we don’t need any computer skills or any coding skills no coding or long process is required we just need a WiFi connection. It is not hacking it is just a feature of windows you don’t even need to code just a few steps are there and you will get a password.
Following are the few steps to get connected WiFi password easily so let check these steps and apply it on your computer:-

Firstly open settings of your computer.

Step 1. Open the control panel.

Step 2. Network and internet.

Step 3. WiFi.

Step 4. Network and sharing center.

Step 5. Click on the private network you are connected.

Step 6. Wireless properties.

Step 7. Security.

At last click on show characters

Booom !! password is here enjoy!
This method is working on windows 10 and windows 8 checked by me go and check it on other windows if you have if it works for you then comment below.
If you need wifi password hacking tricks then comment down I will create a new post with various and easiest methods to hack any secured wifi network like WPS, WPA, WPA2, WEP etc.
And there are few android apps which help to connect with secured networks.
So comment below for more!!

The Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds which are known for acronym PUBG, which is the most popular addicted game these days. latest reports say battle royale game PUBG will get a new map this December


As we already get to know that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds- PUBG game will get update this December. But I know we PUBG lovers month is not sufficient we need to know not even month, not even day, we need exact time that we go and update it fast and play out first love haha lolz. I don’t know exact timing but know date YES!!
PUBG for Android will get the update on 20 December.

what is the name of a new map of PUBG update??

maps in PUBG are the area where we play in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Alpha Map 1 Erangel ( a Russian map).
Map 2. Miramar (a central american sand map).
Map 3. Sanhok ( a Southeast Asian forest map).
Map 4. Vikendi ( an Adriatic island snow map being worked on. No ETA).

with this new VIKENDI map, PUBG has brought quite sexy features. all new maps will available soon as a beta version of a game and will officially arrive in January 2109.
This will be the great update of well-known battle royale game PUBG mobile PUBG is voted as best Battle Royale game for android with outstanding features and support. are you guys are fully excited and waiting for the update? comment down below and share what u expecting in a new map and share with your friends.

PUBG Snow Map.