Best Websites For Learning Computer Science Topics

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Everyone struggles to get knowledge or information related to Computer Science topics, As it is not easy to only learn with the help of books. Just need to explore the internet. There are lots of online courses that we can use to improve our knowledge and sharpen our skills in this subject.

Here are some of the best websites for learning computer science topics:

1. Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point

Tutorials point is a tutorial website for the ambitious computer science student. Provides comprehensive and interesting tutorials on various programming languages. It is best for someone who is going to get into the Computer Science field and would like to learn some coding. The website will provide you more than you need.

It also provides a friendly environment where you can edit program, compile and run them. Some of the coding languages that you can learn from this website include HTML 5, Python, PHP, Java, C and C++. You can visit their website here.

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2. Study Tonight

Study Tonight

It is an online learning website that teaches different technical subjects and programming. It is not like other popular online tutorials, it digs deeper into the important topics of computer science. Programming languages that you can learn from this website are C Programming, Java, CSS, SQL, computer network, operating system, Python, Game development with Unity, JSP, Apache Cordova, C++, and many more.
Study tonight provides tutorials in a simple and best manner which can be easily understood by anyone. This site also offers tests which you can use to know your understanding. You can visit their website here.

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3. Geeks For Geeks


Geeks for Geeks is an online coding website that is used to prepare students who are going for interviews related to computer science. This site offers each and every kind of solutions starting from the easy ones to more technical ones. Geeks for Geeks also have a functional and interactive IDE that we can use to modify and test our program. Some of the programming languages that are available on the website are C, Java, and Python. You can visit their website here.

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4. W3Schools


W3Schools is an ideal website for students who want to learn various types of programming languages such as PHP, PYTHON, SQL, ASP, CSS, and JavaScript. This site has tutorials of these programming languages and they are written in a manner which is easy to understand language. W3School also offers to test your skills where you can test some of the programs that you have written. You can visit their website here.

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5. Quora


We can use Quora as a question and answer website. This website provides solutions to each and every question that you have asked even about life, including the ones about Computer Science.
Quora is a reliable resource for computer science students it’s a large community. This site contains some of the best programmers who are best in different programming languages. They can provide you with concrete answers to any questions that you may be having. You can visit their website here.


6. Stack Overflow


Stack Overflow is the website of developers. This community brings together millions of coders or developer who come together to share there different views and issues, while at the same time they teach each other. This site has most of the answers to any programming language issue that you have encountered.
If you have written any program and you got stuck, then you just have to rush to the Stack Overflow Website. You will be provided with the solution on how to go about the problem. You can visit their website here.

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7. Computer Hope

Computer Hope

Computer Hope is a free website for all the problems related to the computer. This website covers both the aspect, hardware and software of the computer. You can search out related to computers even if you have an issue related to the drivers, database or steps for troubleshooting a problem in your computer. It provides you with tips on various problems that you are facing or affecting a computer. You can visit their website here.

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8. JavaTPoint


It provides videos on various issues that are related to modern technology. JavaTPoint has tutorials on programming languages which includes the new ones such as Kotlin. It also has the latest developments such as Blockchain and AI.
This Website also gives technical solutions for Computer Science interviews. You can visit their website here.

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9. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

This website offers courses on a wide range of subjects especially Math, Physics, and Science. Khan Academy is also rich with computer science videos and tutorials which are offered in the form of YouTube videos. You can visit their website here.

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10. Youtube


YouTube is a giant video platform that contains all types of video. As a student, you can use YouTube as your learning tool. We can use this site search to get tutorials about computer science and programming.
When it comes to programming, you will never get grounded. There are many resources at your disposal. You only need to type and look for what you want and you will get instant answers. You can visit their website here.

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