As university students, all of us (or most of us) face a common problem; being broke. Our pocket money just magically vanishes in a duration of two weeks or even less, every month. Some of us resort to begging with our parents for more money while some of our tries to cut down all the expenses. Both of these ways might not go well and is not something we should be proud of. But there is an actual way to survive and this is by earning some extra money for those extra expenses. Most of us spend an immense amount of time on the internet, and for no particular reason. We scroll through all of our social media accounts looking at the same memes and same people trying to kill time. But the good news is there are ways to use that time and mobile data to earn something and be proud of yourself and that too kind of easily enough. This article focuses mainly on how easily computer science students can do this, but there are pointers for others as well.

One of the easiest ways to make some money without any effort is by doing surveys. There are numbers of sites and apps which pay you if you spend like twenty minutes daily doing surveys. Some of these are a scam but some of them can actually benefit your pocket. A few of the famous apps are Toluna, Rakuten and Panel place. Another method is to put a rate on your skills. If you are good at writing, join a content-oriented website as a freelancer. There are actually websites and apps which help you with this as well. For example, You can also create a blog and try to earn that way. Tutoring children are another option which college students can try.


Computer science students can find methods that can elevate his/her income easily since this is a technology-oriented world. One of the options you get to try is to make websites for others. The benefit of this is that apart from the income, you are building up your resume. You can try using WordPress or Joomla as they are very easy to set up. Another similar option is developing mobile apps. You can develop games or task apps and sell it on google play store. You can also become a freelance software developer though this requires a lot of effort.

An easier option to earn money is to try repairing computers. Start with your friends’ and family’s computers and then you can even try doing it as a part-time job. This will enhance your troubleshooting skills and you will gain a lot of reputation. Working part-time in call centers in a technical support role is also an easy option which actually pays pretty well. Another method that can also help you build your resume is to try interning in a software company. This will also give you a field view of things.

There are also websites available which pay you for answering questions. Set up an account in websites like Participating in programming contests also boosts your knowledge in the area apart from helping you with your income. You can also indulge in writing tech-related articles, again on websites like Freelancer. Yet another area you can try working is ethical hacking. This link will inform you more about ethical hacking and how to become one: The problem here is you should have the brains and ability to multi-task and manage your academic side along with whatever extra activity you are indulging in.