Money Heist is no doubt one of the best series ever made in the history of television. The way Álex Pina pulled the whole Netflix series is just mind-blowing. Every single fan is quite interestingly waiting for season 5 of the series. One constant thing that this series has seen from the very first season is DEATHS. In every season, there is someone who dies or gets near to death. It is certain that season 5 will also have more deaths. So today we will talk about those deaths and find out who will survive and who will die in season 5 of Money Heist.

1. Tokyo



As Tokyo is the narrator of the show and she is telling a story from her past, it is not likely that she will die. There were moments when she almost died, but survived somehow. Being a narrator of the show she has to live to tell everyone about the heists, so she will Survive.

2. Rio


Rio is the youngest of all. He still isn’t that mature for the heists. While buying military pieces of equipment, he got so excited like how kids get exciting seeing some new cool video. At very this point Professor knew that Rio still isn’t that mature for the heist. He refused to admit Rio in his team as he didn’t want to put his life at risk. But Tokyo somehow convinced Professor to give another chance to Rio. He will Die in the end.

3. Raquel Murillo (Lisbon)

After being rescued by The Professor and his team, Raquel has now entered the Bank of Spain. She was sent there to execute Plan Paris. Currently, there are only two persons who know about Plan Paris. As most theories suggest, Plan Paris is the gang’s final exit plan to get out of the Bank of Spain. Therefore, she was sent inside by Professor himself. As no one inside the bank knows about the plan, therefore she will Survive and will take everyone out.

4. Marseille


Marseille is one of the few characters of the series who doesn’t have a single hater. He helped the professor and the gang while remaining anonymous. If rumours are to be believed, Marseille will take a bullet for the professor. When Alicia came and tried to shoot the professor, Marseille came to rescue and took the bullet for the professor. But it’s not clear if he going to survive or not.

5. Palermo


The hate for the Palermo after the death of Nairobi has increased gradually. Why not? He was the reason Gandia got free and killed Nairobi. But even after getting so much hate and infinite wishes that somehow he dies, He will Survive according to us.

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To Be Continued…