Propaganda, Reality, and aspects of a good movie.
‘The accidental prime minister,’ a movie based on the book which goes by the same name, written by Mr. Sanjaya Baru narrates a tale of party politics based on real-life incidents which happened in the Indian scenario. The book was quite controversial, and one could not but applaud the writer for the efforts he took to overcome the trouble and go ahead and publish his book. As the audience, we do not know what the naked truth is but what we do know is a very different perspective that unfolds in front of us. I think it’s safe to say that most people who lead a not so political life would never have thought of the power politics happening within the party itself.

Accidental Prime Minister

Manmohan Singh

The trailer of the movie had made it clear to us that the director, Vijay Gutte has recreated many scenes and it is much more evident in the movie. The film can be called a docudrama as it showcased the incidents mostly in its raw form and referring to the political parties as well as politicians by their real names. As we have noticed in the past, most movies try not to do the same to be safe from the conspiracies and controversies. Therefore, that alone needs to be given credit for. Another important point of the movie is the stellar acting showcased by the actors. Gutte claims that the most difficult position to be filled was that of Sanjaya Baru which was portrayed by Akshaye Khanna. Anupam Kher played the role of Dr. Manmohan Singh while Suzanne Bernert portrayed Sonia Gandhi and Arjun Mathur brought Rahul Gandhi to life. The producers of the movie are Sunil Bohra and Dhaval Gada.

Accidental PM
The film is narrated by the character Sanjaya Baru, the writer who is a political commentator and policy analyst who served as a Secretary – General of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry until his resignation in April 2018. It discusses the propaganda that was played within the party during the time Dr. Manmohan Singh was the prime minister of the country. It also showcases major decisions that the country took or the prime minister had to make regarding the nuclear energy deal and the Kashmir issue. There have been both negative and positive responses to the movie. While some believe it is an actual representation of Indian politics in the recent past, there are comments that facts have been altered. The film has obtained fairly good ratings; the Times of India gave it a 3.5/5 while gave it a 2.5/5. 81% of the audience like the movie so far according to Google. The Google reviews are majorly good for the movie as most of them state that it is a must-watch. I think even if one is not interested in politics itself, the direction and acting which is awesome are worth the watch.