Check out How will be the temperature at 2022 FIFA World Cup Final.

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Football world cup is the most viewed sporting tournament in the world. Every four years, Football World Cup is celebrated like a festival worldwide.

In 2022, Football World Cup will be held in Qatar. It would be the second time a Football world cup is going to be held in Asia. But due to the immense warm weather of Qatar, it would be the first time that a Football World Cup is going to be held in the winters. 2022 FIFA World Cup will start on 21st November and will last till 18th December.

Though Qatar has stated that will be using ‘Cooling Technology’ to lower down the temperature of the city Doha, still, it will remain hotter than other World Cup hosting countries.


Doha had tested their ‘Cooling Technology’ last year in Khalifa Stadium. They were able to reduce the temperature of the whole stadium to 23° C.

Dr Saud Ghani, Professor at the College of Engineering at Qatar University and Project Director at Khalifa Stadium said that

We are looking forward to welcoming fans to the arena and seeing them enjoy the cooled conditions at the World Cup.

World Cup finals will take place on December 18 on the occasion of Qatar National Day. It is estimated that temperature on 18th December would be around 20° C (68° F).


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