How to Earn Money Online from Google Opinion Rewards?

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If you want to earn money from Google Opinion Rewards, then you are reading the right post. Along with this, today’s post will tell you that How to earn money from Google Opinion Rewards.

Hope you will love our posts. On the internet, there are a lot of applications, with the help of which you can easily earn money. By earning online today many people can earn thousands of rupees by sitting at home. Online Earning there are many apps available through which we can earn money. Today we are telling you about one such app.

But many of the applications are fraud. You do not get money even after work. The app that we are bt to tell you today is launched by Google and it will also earn you a lot. If you like to do a survey so pp will be very good for you.

So let’s know now that how to earn from Google Opinion Rewards.

What is Google Opinion?
Google Opinion Rewards

This is a quick survey application. Which has now been launched in India too? By doing this survey you can win Google Play credit. This is built by Google Survey Team. On completion of this survey, you get a reward. With this award, you can buy any app from Google PlayStore.

If you want to buy a game or any other app, this is the best way. This app will give you revenue when surveyed by some companies.


This gives you a survey from some company that you have to fill and instead, you are given some credit balance. You get credit balance from Google.

After credit balance is credited to your Google Opinion Reward Account by doing the survey, you can download any paid application from Playstore from that balance. By this credit balance only to download the app.

Google Opinion Rewards
To use the Google Opinion Award, you must download it first.

Download Google Opinion Reward – First download Google Opinion Reward from play store.
Install App – Now you can download and install it.
Open App – After installing it can be opened by opening it.

Google Opinion Rewards
Here we are telling you how it is used after downloading it.

Open App
Open the Google Playline Reward Puzzles.

Select your Gmail Account
As soon as you open it, you have to select your Gmail account.

Enter Your Name
Now you have to enter your First Name and Last Name in it. Enter the pin code of your area. Select Country in Country and click Continue.

Now you have to Enter your address.
then enter your City and at last State address and click Continue.

Check On Agreement
you have to click on the I Understand Agreement, then click on Continue.

Select Gender

Enter Your Age

Enter the pin code where you live.

Enter Your Yearly Income
What is your income over the year? If you are a student then select the first option. Your Google Opinion Reward Account has become. Now you can earn money through it just in some time.

Give this information about this post to your friends too and share this on social media also, share this post with Google Opinion Rewards. So that more people can access this information. If you have any problems in our post ask any questions related to this post, then you can ask us by commenting.

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