These Are The Best 5 Linux Distributions for Beginners!!

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Linux can be an extraordinarily complex for new users. It’s not Linux which brings this complexity. It’s the different Linux distributions that cause this. Not getting wistful, many users didn’t even know what to expect. But it is an upstream swim for everyone initially.

Not knowing where to start can be a problem. Especially for users who do not have any concept of running new software on their PC in place of Windows. Linux can be used in various ways and it is more than an OS. A software where everybody grows together.

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Here are our top 5 Linux Distros:-

1. Ubuntu


If you google Linux on the internet, you’ll probably get Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the leading and one of the most common Linux distributions. It is the best and probably the easiest path to start your Linux journey.

It has been recommended Linux is for human beings. Now, it is because Ubuntu has made a lot of effort on usability. It does not require you to be the technically perfect person for you to use it. This is the plus points that uplift the Ubuntu to where it is now.

Ubuntu provides a convenient installation method. While installing, it speaks the English language. You can try Ubuntu before going through the installation procedure. The installation provides simple options for you:

  • Install Ubuntu removing and the older OS
  • Install the Ubuntu along with the existing OS
  • Configure everything properly.

There is no installation of the driver on Ubuntu as it comes with a hardware detector which detects, downloads and installs optimal drivers for your PC. It’s highly beginner friendly.


2. Linux Mint Cinnamon

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is the number one Linux on the Users list. Linux Mint is my personal favourites. It is very graceful and provides computing experience.

Linux Mint attribute the Cinnamon desktop environment. Linux users who are new to this process of familiarizing themselves with Linux software will find Cinnamon very useful. All the software is attainable under some categories. New users who don’t know the Linux software, this is a huge bonus.

It is a fast OS. Linux Mint is built upon the Ubuntu base. Ubuntu software pushes software for general use only after substantial testing. This means users did not have to deal with any unexpected crash and errors that some new software might have.

Windows 7 users who are into Microsoft will find Linux Mint lovable. Linux Mint desktop is somewhat similar to Windows 7 desktop.
I personally suggest Linux Mint to someone who is new to Linux world as Linux Mint does impress users enough for them to accept it.

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3. Zorin OS

Zorin OS

A majority of users are Windows friendly. A huge amount of methods has been fixed in our tough memory. For example, the lower left of the corner of the screen (Start) every time if we want to launch any application. So, if we could find anything that pleases us on Linux, it’s half a battle won.

Zorin OS is also an Ubuntu-based Linux entirely made for Windows friendly. Although every Linux is usable for everybody, some people may tend to be resistant when the desktop looks too alien. Zorin OS pass this obstacle because of its similarities with Windows.

Zorin OS comes with extraordinary and impressive themes option called the ‘Zorin look changer’. It offers some heavy upgrading options with presets to make your OS look like as you want. You’re going to feel home.

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Elementory OS

As we have taken look at Linux for Windows users and got knowledge about them, let’s change something for MacOS users also. Elementary OS has risen to fame very quickly and now is always included in of top list of Linux, all thanks to its attractive essence. Inspired by MacOS looks.

Elementary OS is also Ubuntu-based OS which means that the operating system itself is unquestionably stable and environmentally friendly. You can easily notice the resemblance to the MacOS desktop. It is an advantage for MacOS users to switch to Linux as they will be comfortable with the desktop.

The menu can be customized according to user preferences. The OS is zero intrusive so anyone can really focus on their work. It comes with a very small number of installed applications. But it got everything you need to install. For any other software, it provides an AppCenter. Everything is in a sorted manner.


5. Manjaro Linux

Manjaro OS

So, we are up to our last option of being a Linux user. This Linux is considered for experts-only Linux because of its complex installation procedure. Manajro Linux has a common origin with Arch Linux. But they differ mostly in everything else.

Manajro Linux has a beginner friendly installation method. A lot of things are self-driven like driver installation using ‘Hardware detection System’. It hugely neutralizes the hardware driver hassles that torments another Linux.

It contains its own software storage which maintains the latest of software. This is one of the major differences between Arch and Manjaro. Manjaro slows down package releases to make sure that they are absolutely right and no regression will be caused.

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To install any of the above 5 operating systems, you need to use a bootable USB stick.

What Are Your choices for the best Linux for beginners?

Linux may come with a learning curve, but that’s not something anyone will ever regret. Go and get an ISO and check out these amazing Linux Software.

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